This is luxury, in a tin. Richly concentrated shea butter whipped together with coconut and apricot oils and scented with pure lavender essential oil, this is an intense moisturising experience. Free from skin stripping artificial ingredients, it sinks in nicely after a warm bath or shower. Use it all over, just not on your face, and try it on your hair ends as a leave in conditioner. This cheeky little number likes to be kept cool, if it melts, just pop it in the fridge. It might lose its whipped consistency, but it won’t lose its nourishing super powers.

Whipped Body Butter

  • Sinks in nicely after warm bath or shower. Use sparingly as needed, goes a long way. Use all over the body except the face. Why not try it on your hair ends as leave in hair conditioner. Keep it cool, especially in hot weather. If accidentally melted, just pop it the fridge. Might loose it's whipped consistency, but won't loose it's qualities.